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If an individual is upset, or distraught, take them to their closet.  The scent of the individual remains, although faint,after laundering their clothing, and often calms them by just seeing and smelling their clothing.

If your loved one, or client has poor posture and was in the military services, by giving the order Attention! often they will stand upright.

If you find that men whom you are working refuse to eat in the dining room for lunch, pack the lunch in a metal lunch pail and allow them to eat outside or in the dayroom...many of our clients today worked in factory's and in construction.

We have found that often as an individual progresses in their dementia, simple things like finding the toilet seat down, and not seeing the "hole" is very confusing and often is enough of a visual problem to cause incontinence, or smearing on the toilet seat.  Increase contrast by use of a Reveal light bulb by General Electric, or simply leaving the toilet seat "up" solves this problem.

To maintain weight bearing status for your residents who are unable to monitor on their own, we have found by wrapping the foot with bubble wrap, the individual not only hears the pop of the bubbles, but feels them explode, and automatically lifts the foot.

We have found that if an individual has problems finding their room in an Assisted living facility, ask them what their address is, and whatever they tell you place that address with-in their visual field approximately 32 inches from the floor.  Remember, the address given may not be the address found on the medical record.

With the "shuffling" steps we see our loved ones display while walking often causes falls. By putting Duct Tape over the toes and soles of the shoes causes the individual to slide their foot and it does not catch on the floor to cause falls.

If an individual is "cold" and most people with Dementia are, one of the things that may make toileting time more enjoyable for everyone is to warm the toilet seat with a hair dryer.  Using the hot water line to go into the toilet tank often causes a wonderful result to keep our loved ones on the toilet but I believe this wastes alot of hot water.